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Duel Masters is a strategy based trading card game. It’s a Japanese card game, but English version of the cards are available in Pakistan.

Bolshack Dragon

Arnold’s Killer Dragon Deck – part 1

Dragons are the creatures with most power in Duel Masters Trading Card game. I have constructed a Dragon deck that has been unbeatable so far. Most DM players like to play with Fire Civilization...

Death Phoenix Avatar of Doom

Printing Duel Masters Cards

I have been playing Duel Masters Card game for some time now, and I have collected around 5000 cards. However, this strategy card game is so vast, and includes so many cards that you...

Fighter Dual Fang

Pure Nature Civilization Deck

Last time out, we organized a Duel Masters Booster Draft Tournament, in which I took first place. There, I was thrown an idea of having a mono-civilization tournament. Many other duelist were in the...

Duel Masters Booster Pack - Base Set DM-01

Won Duel Masters Booster Draft Tournament

On Saturday, we held our first ever Duel Masters Booster Draft Tournament at my place, for ages 15+. Six players participated in total, both male and female participants. The entry fee for the tournament...