Mono-Water Civilization Deck Strategy

Crystal Lancer - Liquid People

Crystal Lancer - Liquid People

The great thing about CCG (Collectable Card Game) is that you can build your own deck and put any card in it. Duel Masters Trading Card Game is no different; out of the available five civilizations, I discussed a mono-nature deck strategy that can overcome almost any other mono deck, the last time out. My friends opted to build a Darkness Civilization Deck, which in theory is the second strongest civilization when it comes to mono-civilization strategy decks. The strongest of all is the Water Civilization, and I thought of a plan and built my first Mono-Water Deck to execute it to perfection.

The Strategy
My water deck strategy is to keep the opponent’s battle zone clean by using the bouncing effect of cards like Teleportation and Aqua Surfer, while keeping our hand healthy at all times using the drawing ability of water cards. With enough mana, the idea is to either lock the opponent’s mana, or use Divine Riptide when our battle zone is stronger than that of the opponent’s.

The Mono-Water Deck
The power of water civilization is the bouncing effect (returning creatures to their owner’s hands), and the hand advantage that it generates, which no other civilization can match. For only 2 mana, you have the best of the shield trigger spells, the Spiral Gate; when casted, allows you to return a creature from the battle zone to its owner’s hands. Then you have Riptide Charger and Teleportation to remove creatures from the battle mid-way in the game. Creature like Aqua Sniper, which can return up to 2 creatures in the battle zone to their owner’s hands, removes any power creatures threat later in the game.

To keep the hand advantage, I have chosen Brain Serum and Eureka Charger spells, which will help keeping my hand healthy, and raise my mana when needed respectively.

To finish the game in fashion, I have chosen Crystal Lancer, a six mana Double Breaker with 8000 power that cannot be blocked and evolves on Liquid People.

The Cards
Below is the full list of cards that this deck would be comprised of:

4 x Aqua Guard
4 x Aqua Hulcus
2 x Hunter Fish
2 x Revolver Fish
4 x Corile
3 x Aqua Surfer
3 x Aqua Fencer
2 x Aqua Sniper
Evolution Creatures:
4 x Crystal Lancer
4 x Spiral Gate
2 x Brain Serum
3 x Eureka Charger
2 x Crystal Memory
3 x Riptide Charger
1 x Teleportation
2 x Divine Riptide

Creatures = 28
Spells = 17
Total Cards = 45

Best Against:
In theory, this deck is the strongest and can take any other civilization deck. However, this deck would work best against Light civilization deck.

Worst Against:
Only Fire and to some extent Darkness oppose this deck, since it would be hard to control speed attackers, along with limited power creature destruction spells like Tornado Flame and Apocalypse Vise of Fire. Whereas, a hand-control and creature-removal decks might cause trouble too, but since I have enough drawing cards that will keep my hand advantage at all times, it should not be a worry point.

Try it out yourself, and remember to have fun. If you have tried it already, put some new cards while taking out some other cards that did not help you. Experiment with the deck, play as much as possible to learn what fits best in your deck.

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You might also want to check out my mono-nature civilization deck strategy. Keep checking my blog for more Duel Masters tips and card strategies.

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