Pure Nature Civilization Deck

Fighter Dual Fang

Fighter Dual Fang - Nature Civilization Card

Last time out, we organized a Duel Masters Booster Draft Tournament, in which I took first place. There, I was thrown an idea of having a mono-civilization tournament. Many other duelist were in the favor of this format, so I thought why not make a deck that comprised of only one civilization cards out the five available; fire, water, darkness, light and nature. I chose to build a Nature civilization deck.

If you are new to Duel Masters, you might want to learn the basics of Duel Masters Trading Card Game first.
Nature civilization creatures are usually the rushing weenies; cheap, low power creatures that are playable early in the game, and help in early assault at your opponent’s shields. Also, due to the mana acceleration it provides, I choose to try a pure-nature deck.

After a lot of thinking and planning, I came up with a deck strategy. The idea is to use mana acceleration cards to get early mana, destroying some of the opponent’s mana using Mana Crises spell mid-way in the game, and raise mana up to 9 as quickly as possible. The idea then is to summon Fortress Shell that destroys two of the opponent’s mana, leaving him with no way through to play his monster creatures. After controlling the opponent’s mana, the plan is simply to play big creatures such as Fighter Dual Fang and Ancient Giant to finish the opponent.

I decided to use mana acceleration cards such as Bronze-Arm Tribe, Ultimate Force and Faerie Life. Bronze-Arm Tribe is a Beast Folk that cost 3 mana for 1000 power, however, it’s not the power that count, it is the effect it possesses. When it hits the battle zone, you immediately get 1 more mana; you put the top card of your deck into your mana zone untapped, interesting? Faerie Life is a spell, with the shield trigger ability, and does the same thing as Bronze-Arm Tribe, and it only costs 2 mana, fair enough.

Since, I planned to use Bronze-Arm Tribe, which is a Beast Folk, I decided to run 2 copies of Fighter Dual Fang; the evolution creature for Beast Folk race, that also given me additional mana. It is an 8000 power creature at the cost of 6 mana, and is a ‘double breaker’.

Also, that I was using too many cards which let me put the top card(s) of the deck into my mana zone, I decided to run another race of creatures; Giant Insect. The best Giant Insect card in my opinion is Obsidian Scarad. When this creature is destroyed, if you have another Obsidian Scarad in the mana zone, you can put it into your battle zone from there. This fits perfectly with my strategy. Imagine, 3 copies of this creature in the mana zone, and one in the battle zone, your opponent would really find it hard to remove this creature since, you can always but another Obsidian Scarad from your mana zone into the battle zone once it is destroyed. Due to the fact that it was Giant Insect, I ran 2 copies of ‘Ultra Mantis, Scourge of Fate’, which evolves on Giant Insect and is a massive 9000 power creature for just 6 mana. Adding to that, it cannot be blocked by any creature that has power 8000 or less, thus any darkness slayer blockers cannot bother me. Only Light civilization has the creatures with more power. Therefore, it justifies its place in the deck, as Obsidian Scarad can easily be evolved into Ultra Mantis.

Since, Nature civilization does not offer blockers, it makes sense to keep unblockable creatures to even out the competition. That’s why I choose Xeno Mantis that is thankfully a Giant Insect as well. It’s a double breaker with a decent 6000 power, and cannot be blocked by creatures having power 5000 or less. It cost 7 mana to summon, which is somewhat debatable but since, I won’t be short of mana anyway, I decided to run 2 copies of it.

Creatures cannot win battles alone; they would need some kind of support from spells. The best of the Nature spells is ‘Natural Snare’. So, I ran 4 copies of this card since it would allow me to remove some big monsters my opponent plays in the mid-game. To counter Darkness hand-control spells, I have put 4 ‘Dimension Gate’ spells that would let me search my deck and take a creature of my choice. My other spells being Mana Nexus, Mana Crises, Faerie Life, and Ultimate Force let me own the zone. Mana Nexus lets me put one card from my mana zone into my shields zone. I can therefore put ‘Natural Snare’ into my shields if it went into the mana zone accidently by any card affects, or was put by me early in the game.

So you see, this deck is a fairly balanced one; having both low cost and power creatures with some effective spells. See the complete list of cards in this Mono-Nature Civilization Deck below:

3x Burning Mane
1x Crow Winger
4x Bronze-Arm Tribe
2x Charmilia, the Enticer
2x Whip Scorpion
4x Obsidian Scarad
2x Scissor Scarab
2x Nocturnal Giant
3x Storm Shell
2x Xeno Mantis
1x Dawn Giant
2x Ancient Giant
2x Fortress Shell
Evolution Creatures:
2x Fighter Dual Fang
2x Ultra Mantis, Scourge of Fate
2x Faerie Life
4x Dimension Gate
2x Mana Crises
2x Mana Nexus
3x Ultimate Force
4x Natural Snare

Creatures = 34
Spells = 17
Total = 51 cards

Best Against:
This deck is best against Fire and Light decks, with some marginal victory over Darkness.

Worst Against:
You might find it difficult to defeat hand-control and creature-removal decks. I have not had a chance to battle any player with pure-water deck, but I think it would be hard to defeat that too.

I only lost 10% of the battles with this deck, and I overcame mono darkness, fire, and light decks comfortably. Darkness and Light decks were hard fought though. Try it out yourself, and remember to have fun. If you have tried it already, put some new cards while taking out some other cards that did not help you. Experiment with the deck, play as much as possible to learn what fits best in your deck.

I have reached 8000 Duel Masters cards, and have decided to trade or sell them. I have many cards, but I do not have all. If you are a duelist, and are willing to buy or sell Duel Masters cards, I am your guy!

The card image was provided by Wizards of the Coasts.

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