About Me

I am the leader of the Speed Attackers – The Counter Strike Clan. I play with the nick of Arnold, since I am very much inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I formed the Speed Attackers Clan back in 2008. Usually clan members are friends (and not relatives), however, my idea was to build a clan that would only be of my cousins and/or brothers. So, I convinced my brother HardTarget, and some of my cousins, who had some interest in Counter Strike, or at least computer gaming, to be in the clan. I groomed them, entered a couple of tournaments (which we lost badly, of course). To keep their motivation high, I would get them new gaming equipments such as Logitech Gaming Mice (MX 500 Series), and Mouse pads.

When we lost our first tournament, it was then we realized the importance of watching demos. We would then download demos uploaded on Neo Matrix Blog, and spend 2 hours in a day studying those.

We have improved individually and as a clan in the last couple of years, however, we are yet to win a Counter Strike tournament.

You can get in touch with me on the following email id:

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I also work as a full time web-developer. You can Hire me on oDesk