The Fitness Pump Machine

I few months back, when I was doing home-gym, I finally decided to buy “The Fitness Pump” machine. I saw it on TV for the first time, and it looked impressive to me. Therefore, I started to contact renowned stores here in Lahore, included ‘International Sports’. However, nobody had the idea of that machine, and even that I showed them the pictures of it; they would ask me to buy at least 50 pieces, which was obviously not possible for me. Four years passed by, and I could not find it.
Then one day, I came across Pak Asian Sky Shop, at Link Road, Modal town. I knew that they were the dealers I was looking for. Therefore, I planned to pay them a visit in the next couple of weeks, but when I eventually got there, the shop had been closed, instead, some garments shop opened at the same place. I was very sad at that moment, as I came very close of getting my hands on it.

A few days later, my cousin informed me of another branch of ‘Asian Sky Shop’, in Moon Market, Allama Iqbal Town. Therefore, the next day, I went to the shop with him, and my search was finally over. However, the price they asked for was higher than I anticipated, but the deal was made in PKR 2,500/-. I also got the manual for it, but it was in French, but I managed to learn the way to use it.

So, what did the manufacturers of ‘The Fitness Pump’ claim? “Triple your push-ups with less effort & protect your back!” they would say, and how did they achieve that? Using the lever principal and pectoral support, the pump protects your back and reduces body load, which helps triple your push-ups and double your muscle workout. You get both dynamic and static muscle contraction of pectorals, deltoids, triceps, dorsal, abdominals, buttocks, calves and thighs, three choices of handle groups pinpoint either inner or outer arm muscles.

The front handle group works the outer pectorals, front deltoids (shoulders) and the triceps (that is if you lock out the elbows), where as the side handles groups work the inner pectorals and side (medial) deltoids. You always get to work the abdominals, buttocks, calves, and thighs due to static contraction. I always liked the inner side handle group, and I would get a terrific deltoid and inner chest pump.

I would do four sets of 20-25 repetitions, with 40-45 seconds rest between the sets, each day, in the evening, and would go on to increase the reps by 5-10 each week. In a few weeks, my shoulder development looked impressive, and I had achieved the V-tapper look. I had built shoulder, and middle chest striations as well, and was impressed with how I could burn calories easily and had developed a quality shape. My workout would last 30 minutes, at most. However, it became difficult for me to gain muscle size with it, as I was dealing with body weight only. Therefore, I joined the gym and would do only shoulder workouts at home with Fitness Pump.

I trained for two months regularly, but then I injured my shoulders during the workout. Moreover, it has been two months now, since I quit weight training. Now that I’m recovering well, and seeking medical help, I would be soon in the gym again.

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