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Duel Masters Trading Card Game

Duel Masters Trading Card Game

I am a huge fan of Duel Masters trading card game, and it has been a couple of years since I started playing it. It is a strategy game, and can be played with two or more players. There are a number of cards available that you could use, but a player’s deck must be comprised of forty cards, at minimum. I prefer it to all other card games such as Pokémon, Ben 10 or even 5-card Poker and Color.

Like in Pokémon, Ben 10 and a few other cards games where you have many cards to play with, Duel Masters is no different. There are 40-card starter decks available for beginners, along with booster packs for expert duelists. Unlike other card games, Duel Masters has evolved from time to time, introducing above forty different sets, each introducing at least 60 new cards. The Base Set contained 120 cards. This game is Japanese; however, twelve different sets have been translated in English to date.

I have spent a large sum of money and time to get my hands onto every card that comes in the first 12 sets, but unfortunately, I am still missing a lot of them. To make it worst, the production of Duel masters cards have been stopped, and I could not find any in the Shalam Market, Lahore as well.

Überdragon Bajula

Überdragon Bajula

Therefore, after careful consideration, I thought it would be better to buy cards from other people who had been playing this for some time, and have some copies of the cards I want. Therefore, I am looking for the cards I do not have, and I can sell my cards (of which, I have more than four copies).

I am going to list a few which I need, and I would be happy if anyone could come up with these, and is willing to sell. Please see below:

  • Coccu Lupia (Creature, 3 Mana, 1000 Power, Fire Civilization card and has ‘Fire Bird’ as its race)
  • Rikabu’s Screwdriver (Creature, 2 Mana, 1000 Power, Fire Civilization card and has ‘XenoParts’ as its race)
  • Bazagazeal Dragon (Creature, 8 Mana, 8000 Power, Fire Civilization card and has ‘Armored Dragon’ as its race)
  • Scarlet Skyterror (Creature, 8 Mana, 3000 Power, Fire Civilization card and has ‘Armored Wyvren’ as its race)
  • Daidalos, General of Fury (Creature, 4 Mana, 11000 Power, Darkness Civilization and has ‘Demon Command’ as its race)
  • Super Terradragon Bailas Gale (Evolution Creature, 5 Mana, 9000 Power, Nature Civilization and has ‘Earth Dragon’ as its race)
  • Propeller Mutant (Creature, 2 Mana, 1000 Power, Darkness Civilization and has ‘Hedrian’ as its race).

Above are some of the cards that I need; my list goes way up to 100 cards, I think. Even if you do not have the above-mentioned cards, you can still come forward with any other valuable card you have. I would be very happy if you do. Use the comments section below this post, or contact me directly via email. I need as many copies of these cards as I can.

Invincible Cataclysm

Invincible Cataclysm

If you feel lost, and do not have any idea about the above cards, or want to check out the cards you do not have, I have a link that will help you. You can visit ‘Wizards of the Coasts’ website for Duel Masters Card Database. It contains the list of all the cards with description and card picture, and tells about the set to which the card belongs. See the list of cards here:

Below is the list of a few cards, which you might want to buy/trade. I have 5000+ cards and I think we could help each other in this.

  • Überdragon Bajula (Evolution Creature, 7 Mana, 13000 Power, Fire Civilization card, and is evolved from any creature having Dragon in its race).
  • Bolmeteus Steel Dragon (Creature, 7 Mana, 7000 Power, Fire Civilization card, and has ‘Dragon’ as its race. Super Rare Card)
  • Death Smoke (Spell, 4 Mana, Darkness Civilization card)
  • Hanusa, Radiance Elemental (Creature, 7 Mana, 9500 Power, Light Civilization card, and has ‘Angel Command’ as its race)
  • Terror Pit (Spell, 6 Mana, Darkness Civilization card)
  • Fighter Dual Fang (Evolution Creature, 6 Mana, 8000 Power, Nature Civilization card, and evolves from a ‘Beast Folk’),
  • and many more.

If the card you want is not in the list above, you may post the name of the card you need in the comment box, or contact me directly via email. I will check my collection and see if I have the card you want or not, and reply you back in a day or two. Please do not forget to mention the name of the card, and civilization (fire, nature, light, darkness or water) if you know.

A booster pack (which has 10 cards) of Duel Masters costs up to PKR 15/- (15 rupees of Pakistani currency). I am willing to pay up to PKR 10/- only, for each copy of the card(s) I want. On the other hand, I am willing to sell my cards in the range of 10 – 20 PKR (depending upon the value of the card you wish to buy). Moreover, if you buy five cards from me, you will get a free copy of ‘Überdragon Bajula.

I live in Lahore, Pakistan and therefore, I would prefer Lahore residents. It would be easy to make a trade then. Nevertheless, I am open to options, and I can go anywhere to get Duel Masters cards. :) 😉

Just in case you have not noticed, you can check out the complete list of Duel Masters Cards on ‘Wizards of the Coast’ website.

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