Looking to buy a pull-up bar

P90X Chin up bar

P90X Chin up bar

I am consistently hitting gym in the morning, and training hard as ever. The good thing is that my shoulder has some strength now, and does not hurt much. Since body-weight exercises such as pull-ups, chip-ups, and dips are very useful for total body development, I’ve been looking for a 3-in-1 pull-up bar, which would allow me to do chin-ups, pull-ups and wide-grip pull ups for full sweep of lats.I’ve visited a couple of sports stores, and got only a few choices. One is the P90X Chin-up bar, which costs around PKR 2,000/- only, and the other one is the Door way chin-up bar, which can fit into any door-way and can sustain a weight up to 300 pounds. However, this one didn’t come with brackets, but was cheap, PKR 600/- only. Still, this is not what I want. I gave a description of the equipment I want to my father, and he said that he could get me one on order.

Does anyone of you have any other ideas regarding this piece of equipment, or know any outlet here in Lahore where I could get it? Any help would be appreciated.

I already have a Hercules Bar, an Arm-blaster, a leverage bar, and a Fitness Pump (ultimate push-up machine). I have spent a lot of money on exercising equipments, and this pull-up bar would complete my home-gym fitness set.

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