Using Hercules Bar and Arm Blaster in my workouts

I had not been able to train on a regular basis in the past few weeks due to some office work and cricket, but I am finding my way back now. I did my upper body workouts on Thursday, and Friday and had been more cautious about my calorie intake too.

I also bought a couple of training material including machines, and bars. For my forearms, I bought a Hercules Bar and a Leverage bar. To add strictness to my arm-workouts I got an Arm Blaster. I had to place an order for all these equipments since no sports store had it. Also they could not get me one from off-shore so there was a chance that the final product may be different to the actual product.

Hercules Bar - The Ultimate Forearm equipment

Get Bigger Arms with Hercules Bar

Apollo Sports Superstore agreed to make these three products on order in a months duration at a cost of PKR 5,500/- only. Hercules Bar for 2,000/-, Leverage Bar for 1,500/- and Arm Blaster for 2,000/-, and the price was not negotiable :( . Since, I was desperate to get my hands on to these, I gave them a go ahead. I received all three in around 2 months time, with the Hercules Bar in the best shape of the three.

Hercules Bar helps you do Reverse-Wrist Curls with a greater concentration

Leverage Bar

Leverage Bar

and with a lotmore repetitions that you could do with dumbbells. Forearm muscles need a lot of stimulation, so you’ve to burn these more and train harder in order to get these muscles grow.

Leverage Bar helps me strengthen my wrists, which are effective if you do Arm-wrestling.

Arm Blaster enforces strictness in your barbell curls or cable pull down movements.

Arnold doing bicep curl using arm-blaster

Arnold doing bicep curl using arm-blaster

If you have a tendency to cheat (taking elbows way back than required) while doing curl movements, this equipment is for you. This is the equipment advised by Arnold in his bodybuilding encyclopedia, so I took the advice.

I also own a Fitness Pump Machine, also known as Super Pump, helps you do push-up movements a lot stricter, with you back straight and can do a greater number of repetitions than the conventional push-ups on the floor. Also it provides you with three different access points to which you can hold, and train the body from a different angle.

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