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I am a great fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and do bodybuilding as a hobby. I follow his path and hopefully, will get build like him one day.

Completed my Home-Gym set

Completed my Home-Gym set

Purchased Ab King Pro for Abs Workout I purchased Abs workout machine named “Ab King Pro” yesterday for PKR 4000/- from International Sports Store Lahore. With this equipment, I’ve completed my home gym set....


How to get bigger Arms

I have been doing bodybuilding for 5 years now, and I believe that I have enough experience now to guide others about different but correct training techniques and the pros and cons they have....

P90X Chin up bar

Looking to buy a pull-up bar

I am consistently hitting gym in the morning, and training hard as ever. The good thing is that my shoulder has some strength now, and does not hurt much. Since body-weight exercises such as...

Keeping a training diary

Keeping a training diary

Benefits of keeping a training diary I have been keeping notes of my workouts in a diary for a year now. I took this advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he writes in his book...

Fitness Pump upper body workout machine

The Fitness Pump Machine

I few months back, when I was doing home-gym, I finally decided to buy “The Fitness Pump” machine. I saw it on TV for the first time, and it looked impressive to me. Therefore,...