Completed my Home-Gym set

Purchased Ab King Pro for Abs Workout

I purchased Abs workout machine named “Ab King Pro” yesterday for PKR 4000/- from International Sports Store Lahore. With this equipment, I’ve completed my home gym set. See my other weight training equipment collection.

Over the years, I have had great workouts for my body parts, but I could not give much of a workout to my Abs. Whenever I did crunches or other stomach exercises, I would feel pain in my lower back. I had my eyes on this piece of equipment ever since. I always had the money to get it before, but it was not a top item on the list. It became eventually the last of the items I needed to complete Arnold’s home gym set for weight training. Now I have the following collection:

The Arnold’s Home Gym Collection

–    2 x Rigid Dumbbells of 8 KG each
–    1 x Barbell with 10KG plates on each side.
–    1 x Barbell weighing 25KG

These three were the first equipment I had for more than 5 years, and I used to train at home with these before joining the gym. Then I came across another item, which I searched for a long time, and eventually got it after a year hunting it; Super Pump Machine. Added to my list:
–    Super Upper-Body Workout – Fitness Pump Machine. Some would still call it ‘Super Pump’ machine.

When I injured my shoulders about 2 years back, I had to lighten up a bit. Therefore, I purchased light dumbbells with removable weights.
–    2 x Dumbbells with 4 x 2KG weight plates

My physiotherapist also suggested me to get Forearm Flexor equipment, so I bought that as well, along with Hand Gripers. I have two pairs of them, one pair are in blue colors, which are hard to squeeze.

I have a heavy weight belt also which I use when doing power lifting or exercises that involve back muscles more. Added to my list:
–    1 x Heavy weight belt

To grow my arms, I ordered two equipments that you might not have heard of, a Hercules Bar and a Leverage bar.

To stricken, my biceps workouts such as Barbell Curls, and Dumbbell Curls I purchased on order the Arm Blaster equipment.

A few months ago, I added to my collection, a Pull-Ups Bar. The bar had only two grip positions, but I needed three. As it was the closest I was looking for, I took it.

Why buy weight training equipment?

Now, I’ve Ab King Pro and my home gym set is complete. Some may think that why one should buy this much equipment as a better workout could be done in a gym, very right – I would say. However, I have had made up my mind that I would get these equipments one day, and I have finally achieved that on my own, with my own earnings, and I can be happy about this fact now. Still, you would not see equipments like ‘Arm Blaster’, ‘Super Pump Machine’, and ‘Hercules Bar’ in a city gym.

I workout in the gym as well as use the equipments I have purchased for my sole use only or my brother’s. Home gym had yielded good results for me in the past and now with my complete home gym weight training set, I could achieve more.

If you workout too, I would advise you to keep a training diary, and keep a note of your training regime and your diet in that.

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