Shoulder injury, holding me back

It has been two months now that I have been suffering from the shoulder injury. The injury that I suffered was ‘Rotator Cuff‘ injury. At first, I had pain in my left shoulder, and then I quit weight training and rested my shoulders.

However, I started playing Table Tennis at home and the office (where I work), and in a week’s time, I felt pain in my right shoulder as well. Therefore, I used the R.I.C.E.R therapy (RICER means: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Referral – these are essential elements for a quick recovery from injury). It did work but not for long. I tried light exercise 3 sets of push-ups or pull-ups of 8-10 reps during my recovery period, for a couple of days, but it was making the pain worse, so I had to quit doing that too. Then I consulted my Gym trainer the other day, and he advised me to take ‘Dicloran 50mg’ painkiller tablets for three days, three times a day. I felt better after taking that medicine, but still could not fully recover.  Finally, I had to see a doctor (to whom, I should have gone much earlier), and he prescribed me with ‘Loxonin’ and ‘Myonar’ tablets for three to six days. Today is the sixth day, and I still have pain in my right shoulder. The other one is much better, and I do not feel pain there.

My shoulder injury had forced me to quit my workouts, and due to muscle entropy, I have lost 1.5 inches on my arms in two months duration. However, with the advice of the doctor, I am planning to start light-workouts to help stabilize the shoulders again. I hope that I will be back in the gym next week.

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