Arnold’s Killer Dragon Deck – part 1

Bolshack Dragon

Fire Creature - Bolshack Dragon

Dragons are the creatures with most power in Duel Masters Trading Card game. I have constructed a Dragon deck that has been unbeatable so far. Most DM players like to play with Fire Civilization as it has creatures with “Speed Attacker” ability, and comes with some creature destruction spells. However, a mono-civilization deck is usually weak. I thereby, combined Fire with Darkness and Water, to present you the Arnold’s Unbeatable Dragon Theme Deck.

Fire is the base, with Darkness and Water as the supporting civilizations to let the Fire do what it does best, Destruction. I’ve chosen Dragon creatures like Bolmeteus Steel Dragon, Garkago Dragon, Bolshack Dragon, and one Dragon Evolution; Überdragon Bajula, which is the trump card of my dragon theme deck. To complement the destruction of Fire, I have chosen Darkness spells like ‘Terror pit’ and Death Smoke, to remove any early or big monsters my opponent plays during the mid-game. Since Terror Pit is a shield trigger, and can put destroy any creature instantly, it makes a perfect fit.

I have also added some cheap blockers from Darkness Civilization, so that if the opponent tries to play rushing weenies; that is, playing many low mana-low power creatures to make an assault early in the game, we will have something for blocking those attacks. Bloody Squito is a 2-mana 4000 power creature, which can block creatures like Pyrofighter Magnus, and Immortal Baron Wog creatures; which are usually part of a swamp deck.

To give me some hand advantage, and creature bouncing effect, I have selected Energy Steam and Teleportation spells, along with Aqua Sniper that will come in handy if the game prolongs. In addition, with Gigargon from Darkness Civilization, I can retrieve me destroyed creatures from the graveyard late in the game, which makes a perfect combo for hand advantage.

Trump Card
Überdragon Bajula is a 7-mana, 13000 power Dragon Evolution creature, and if hits the battle zone, you have the edge. Not only this creature a triple-breaker, but also it destroys two of your opponent’s mana each time it attacks.

Winning Strategy for Arnold’s Killer Dragon Deck
I have spent a lot of time mastering this deck and making it perfect. If you choose to play with this theme deck, you have to be patient, and pay attention to the following:

You must keep your hand advantage at all times. In the start, you will get a few blockers, and some destruction spells early in the game. Make sure, you keep them a couple in hand, so that if your opponent plays some early creatures, you can block, destroy or return them into his hands.

There may be some cases, where you will not draw blockers early on, do not panic! You will ultimately get from shields or using drawing spells like Energy Stream. Then the idea is to prolong the game until you can play your Dragon cards. Cocco Lupia lets you play Bajula as early as 5th turn, which is quite devastating for your opponent.

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