Arnold’s Nightmare Dragon Deck – part two

Billion Degree Dragon

Billion Degree Dragon from Dragon Deck

I presented my Duel Masters Dragon Theme Deck in my previous article. The deck comprises of three civilizations: Fire, Darkness and Water. Here, I explain some winning strategies that you can follow using this deck.Dragon cards of the Killer Dragon Deck
Überdragon Bajula is the trump card in this deck but there are other powerful creatures in the deck, which can win you the game. If you have not read the deck formation, and the idea behind this deck, I would recommend reading Arnold’s Killer Dragon Theme Deck article first. I have put enough dragon creatures in this deck so that we can easily evolve them into Bajula if our opponent manages to destroy some. Bolmeteus Steel Dragon, Bolshack Dragon, and Garkago Dragon are all power cards, and if you are able to play these early or in mid-game, you can surely own the zone.

I came across a wonderful creature that suited this deck very much; Dimension Splinter. Dimension Splinter is a 3 mana- 1000 power creature, but the effect of this card is highly beneficial to this theme deck. When this creature is put in the battle zone, you can return all creatures that have Dragon in their races from graveyard to your hand, beat that! So, if your opponent manages to destroy your Dragons in the mid-game, you can fill up your hand again by playing this creature. This will not only give you the hand advantage, but also the ability to play your destroyed dragons again. Your opponent will not be able to destroy them this time, and this will ultimately give you the edge.

Spells of the Dragon Deck

I have selected a combination of spells from all three civilizations, combining their best points.

Darkness Spells
From Darkness, I have selected Death Smoke, Cranium Clamp, Dark Reversal and lastly, Terror Pit. This would give you the ability to remove any big monsters early in the game, and with Terror Pit coming in handy for creature destruction in mid game, plus it’s a shield trigger.

Fire Spells
Fire civilization has some good shield trigger spells like Phatom Dragon’s Flame, and Tornado flame, combined with Apocalypse wise, they all make a perfect fit for this deck. Remember, the idea is to delay your opponents move and prolong the battle until you can play your Dragon cards. So, these spells should get rid of any rushing weenies your opponent plays early in the game.

Water Spells
Lastly, since I have not selected many low power creatures, as the theme of this dragon deck is to finish the opponent with big monsters, the hand advantage must be kept at all times, so that you draw the spells you need to hold off your opponent’s attacks until you make your move. However, I have won battles as early as eighth turn, so this deck has the ability to finish off your opponent quickly as well. To own the zone, I have added 3 Energy Streams to keep the hand in check. With that, I have added Spiral Gate and Teleportation spells, which should be enough to put your opponent on the back foot.

Punch point
This deck is only 40 cards. Oh my God! Yes, you heard that right! It took me a considerable amount of time to construct this deck, and to keep it down to 40 cards was not an easy job. However, I did it and I improved it from the first draft to this Nightmare Dragon Deck for Duel Masters Trading Card Game. I have enjoyed playing this deck ever since I built it, and had great success against a variety of decks and opponents of high caliber.

Strongest against mono-civilizations
This deck is deadly, and can overcome any other theme deck. It is strongest against mono-civilization decks, with some opposition from the Fire and Darkness. However, if you master this deck, and know what your opponent’s strategy is, you can be one-step ahead of him with this deck.  I have beaten all mono-civilization decks, and all sort of combination decks, Fire/Darkness in Particular.

Weakest against swamp decks
This deck gets a bit beating from swamp decks; Nature/Fire combination or mono-Fire decks. However, if you keep your hand in check, and keep blockers in the battle zone, you can still win.

The Formation: The Cards in the Dragon Deck
Please see below the compiled list of cards in the deck.

1 x Phatom Dragon’s Flame
1 x Tornado Flame
1 x Apocalypse Vise
1 x Death Smoke
1 x Dark Reversal
2 x Terror Pit
3 x Cranium Clamp
2 x Spiral Gate
3 x Energy Stream
2 x Teleportation


2 x Dimension Splinter
1 x Gary Ballom Shadow of Greed
4 x Bloody Squito
1 x Acid Reflux
1 x Gigagriff
1 x Gigargon
1 x Aqua Sniper
2 x Coccu Lopia
2 x Garkago Dragon
2 x Bolshack Dragon
1 x Rothus, the Traveler
2 x Bolmeteus Steel Dragon
1 x Magma Dragon Jagalzor
1 x Bazagazeal Dragon
2 x Überdragon Bajula

Spells        = 17
Creatures         = 23
Total Cards      = 40

I printed Duel Masters cards for Cocco Lupia and Dimension Splinter as I didn’t have the originals. You can print Duel Masters Cards in 5 easy steps too. To learn about the cards in this Dragon Deck, visit Wizards of Coasts – Duel Masters Card Database, and use search option.

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