Compiled list of Duel Masters Cards I own

Alcadeias Lord of Spirits

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I had been thinking of compiling a list of all the Duel Masters Cards I own, so that I know what cards I have and how many copies of each I own. I have thus prepared an Excel Sheet list for that matter.

I have been a great fan of Duel Masters Strategic Trading Card Game, and have been playing for a few years now. I have contributed various Duel Masters Articles, including Deck Strategies, Theme Decks, Card Mechanics, and how-to-play Duel Masters Tutorials. I have reached more than 5000 Duel Masters cards copies, and I am willing to trade DM for a fair price.

Why compile a Duel Masters Card list?

If you were new to Duel Masters, I would recommend you learn the Basics of Duel Masters Strategy Card Game, and explore the first steps of its game play. There are also a handful of articles about card mechanics, and starter decks, which you can view in the ‘Duel Masters’ category on my blog.

If you are a pro, and like to play with constructed decks, you would like to read my specs of Duel Masters Killer Dragon Deck. I have contributed some mono-civilization Duel Masters Deck strategies as well, which you might be interested in as well.

Get the full list of Arnold DM Cards

I present here, the complied list of the Duel Masters Cards I own. I have kept all civilizations in one file, separated by different spreadsheets. You can download the complete list of my DM cards by clicking here, or using this link:

I did not have all the cards, but to keep my interest levels high, I used the formula of printing Duel Masters Cards in 5 easy steps.

Trade Duel Masters Cards with Arnold

If you would like to trade some DM cards, you can check my DM card prices here. Please contact me if you are interested.

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The card image was provided by Wizards of Coasts.

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