Week 3 – Upper Arms Workout

Dated: Tuesday, 15th February, 2011

Body Parts Trained: Biceps & Triceps

Training Duration: 45 minutes (Morning).
Had very short time, so had to cut down on exercises.

Training Partner: SA_Hardtarget

Total Exercises: Four different exercises using Super-set technique.

Feeling before the workout: Felt good in the morning, and was ready to build some muscles.


Cable Triceps Extensions
Sets: 5 sets (2 Warm-up sets)
Repetitions:          15 – 12 – 15 – 10 – 8
Weight (Kg):           2  – 2  – 3 – 3 – 3 plates (~ 2-3 Kg)
Super-setting with Barbell Curls

Barbell Curls
Sets: 5 sets (2 Warm-up sets)
Repetitions:          12 – 15 – 10 – 8 – 8
Weight (Kg):            5 – 5 – 15 – 15 – 20
Super-setting with triceps exercise (Cable Extensions)

Hammer Curls Alternate (Seated)
Sets: 3 sets
Repetitions:          7 – 6 – 6 reps for each set, for each arm
Weight (Kg):          12 Kg for all sets
Super-setting with triceps exercise (Lying Triceps Extensions)

Lying Triceps Extensions
Sets: 3 sets
Repetitions:          8 – 7 – 6
Weight (Kg):          5 Kg for all sets
Super-setting with Hammer Curls

My calorie intake

1 Apple before workout (No banana available)
500ml of Water during workout
2 Eggs after workout
2-Egg Omelet in Breakfast
1 glass of Milk

My feeling after the workout

Got satisfying pump in arms. My partner helped me with Triceps workouts. However, later in the day, I had a lot of pain in my right shoulder, and it continued till evening. Then before going to bed, the pain started again, so I had to provide heat to my shoulder with hot water.

Weak-point Training
During my Saturday workout, my Gym Trainer spotted a weakness in my triceps’ development. In fact, I asked him about the weakness, and then he showed me a couple of exercises to overcome that. Actually, my triceps do not extend to the elbows. The triceps are visible, but they do not go all the way down to the elbows. According to my trainer, there is little hope that this weakness could be overcome. Therefore, this has now become a challenge for me. I was probably working too hard on triceps that caused painful right shoulder, later in the day.

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