Day 24 – Double Split – Biceps Training

One should train heavy on Saturdays, since the next day would be a Rest Day. I used Double-Split training principle to workout my Upper Arms, biceps in the morning, and triceps in the evening.

Training Day: 23thSaturday, 19th February, 2011

Body Parts Trained: Biceps

Training Duration: 1 hr (Morning 8:00 am)

Weather: Cold

Training Partner: SA_Hardtarget

Total Exercises: 7

Feeling before the workout: My shoulders were okay, and with time being short I decided to double split the training of Upper Arms.

Warming up
After some stretching, I did two sets of 12 -15 repetitions of Triceps Cable Pressdowns, with 2 plates to warm up my triceps since I was going to hit my biceps hard.

Biceps Exercises
Following are the exercises that I did to train my biceps:

Barbell Curls
Sets: 5 sets
Repetitions:           15 – 12 – 8 – 8 – 10
Weight (Kg):           5 – 10 – 20 – 20 – 15

I used the Multiset intensity technique to hit my biceps from as many different angles as possible. I would do one set of Alternate Dumbbell Curls, one set of Dumbbell Curls (both arms), one set each for Incline Dumbbell Curls, and Preacher Bench Curls, and count it as one cycle. I repeated this cycle twice.

Multiset Exercises

Alternate Dumbbell Curls
Sets: 2 sets
Repetitions:          14 – 12
Weight (Kg):           10 – 12

Dumbbell Curls (both arms)
Sets: 2 sets
Repetitions:          8 – 6 reps
Weight (Kg):         10 – 12

Incline Dumbbell Curls
Sets: 2 sets
Repetitions:          8 – 10 reps
Weight (kg):         8 Kg for each set

Preacher Bench Curls
Sets: 2 sets
Repetitions:          8 – 10 reps
Weight (kg):         5 Kg for each set

Reverse Preacher Curls
Sets: 3 sets
Repetitions:          8 – 10 reps
Weight (kg):         B.B only

My Calorie Intake

1 Bananas
500ml of Water during workout
2 Eggs after workout
2-Egg Omelet in Breakfast

My feeling after the workout

I utilized a new training intensity principle; Multiset training for same body part, and I was happy to get a decent pump in the biceps. Reverse Preacher Curls gave me the best feeling.

B.B = Barbell

Feeling before the workout: I had no pain in my shoulders, and had taken eight hours sleep. So, I was good to pump some Iron.

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