Day 24 – Double Split – Triceps Training

I trained biceps in the morning, and came back to gym in the evening to work on the opposing muscle group; the triceps. This kind of training principle is called “Double-Split training”.

Training Day: 23thSaturday, 19th February, 2011

Body Parts Trained: Triceps

Training Duration: 1.5 hr (Evening 6:30 pm)

Weather: Cold

Training Partner: None

Total Exercises: 7

Feeling before the workout: My Biceps were a little sore, but training the triceps would have helped.

Warming up
After some stretching, I did two sets of Military Presses, and one set of Behind-the-back Presses for Shoulder, with Barbell only. This was to make sure that my shoulders are warmed up before I start doing routine exercises for the triceps.

Triceps Exercises
Following are the exercises that I did to train my triceps:

Lying Triceps Extensions
Sets: 5 sets
Repetitions:           10 – 12 reps
Weight (Kg):           B.B only
Super-setting with Dumbbell Pulls.

Dumbbell Pulls
Sets: 5 sets
Repetitions:          10 – 12 reps
Weight (Kg):           First 3 sets with 4 Kg Dumbbell, 8 Kg with the next two.

Seated Barbell Presses
Sets: 3 -4 sets
Repetitions:          10 – 12 reps
Weight (Kg):         B.B only

Cable Pressdowns
Sets: 3 sets
Repetitions:          8 – 12 reps
Weight (Kg):         2 plates for each set

Reverse Grip Cable Pulldowns
Sets: 3 sets
Repetitions:         8 – 12 reps
Weight (Kg):         1 – 2 plates

One-Arm Cable Pressdowns
Sets: 2 sets
Repetitions:         8 – 10 reps
Weight (Kg):         1 – 2 plates

Standing Barbell Presses
Sets: 1 set
Repetitions:         12 reps
Weight (Kg):         B.B only

I did a couple of sets of Barbell Curls to get the triceps going.

My Calorie Intake

1 Bananas
500ml of Water during workout
1 protein+carbohydrate drink (M.J.)

My feeling after the workout

Since, triceps are a bigger muscle group, I did 15+ sets for this body part, and was satisfied with the pump I got from it.

B.B = Barbell

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