My Two-Week Workout Plan

In the first week, I warmed up to the idea of getting back in the gym after a long break due to my shoulder injury. I familiarized myself to the workouts I used to do in January last year. Now that I am feeling better, and have some strength in my shoulders, I have shuffled my training schedule.

I have designed the following plan for two weeks’ time and could lengthen it further if the gains are worth it.

The Goal
My goal this week is to get more strength in the shoulders, and get bigger forearms. I feel that I can heavily train my forearms without having to put too much burden on my shoulders. I could easily do the exercises like “Dumbbell wrist curls”, and “Reverse wrist curls” which help me burn my forearm muscles.

The Workout Plan
– Monday             –           Shoulders
– Tuesday             –          Biceps & Forearms
– Wednesday       –          Chest & Triceps
– Thursday           –          Shoulders + Forearms
– Friday                 –          Biceps + Triceps
– Saturday            –          Chest + (Back or Forearms)

Since, I would be fresh on Monday, and that I want to recover from injury quickly, the Shoulder training is my first priority. I have not been training my back since it involves shoulders a lot. Forearms have always been my strong point, so I would want to gain what I had lost in the last 8-10 months.

The above Forearms-priority workout plan is designed with respect to my own needs. I do not guarantee anything regarding the gains or the failures if you opt for the above training schedule. You can surely take it up as a sample, and design one according to your needs. Since, my priority is Forearms; therefore, I scheduled a 3-day training program for this body part.

You can checkout my last week’s workout here.

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