Trained Upper Arms Today

I hit the gym at 7:45am today, and I trained my Upper Arms (Biceps and Triceps). My Partner SA HardTarget wanted to build bicep peak, so we had planned to do 15-20 sets for this body part, and used Super-setting intensity principle to get a good pump in upper arms.

Training Day: 31stSaturday, 26th February, 2011

Body Parts Trained: Upper Arms (Biceps and Triceps)

Training Duration: 1 hr (Morning 7:45 am)

Weather: Cold

Training Partner: SA_Hardtarget

Total Exercises: 9

My feeling after the workout
My partner got a decent pump in the upper arms, whereas I failed to achieve it. Only Hammer Curls at the end gave my Biceps a decent pump, other than that I screwed up my workout. :(

Feeling in the triceps was okay as I was still trying to overcome the lower triceps weakness.Warm up
I did a little bit of stretching, and then did one set each of Military Press, and Behind-the-neck Press with Barbell only. I did around 12 reps for each exercise. Then I moved onto the Dumbbell Curls, to warm-up my biceps, did one set of 12 repetitions, with 8Kg dumbbell.

Upper Arm Workouts

Barbell Curls
Sets: 4 sets
Repetitions:           15 – 8 – 8 – 7
Weight (Kg):           5 – 15 – 15 – 15
On second set, I tested the Arm Blaster, but couldn’t get the right feeling, so I did rest of my workout without it.

Triceps Cable Extensions
Sets: 4 sets
Repetitions:          15 – 15 – 15 – 12 reps
Weight (Kg):           2 – 2 – 2 -3 plates

Dumbbell Curls (Seated)
Sets: 4 sets (2 sets each for full and partial curls)
Repetitions:          8 – 12 reps
Weight (Kg):         10 -12 Kg Dumbbell

E-Z Bar Lying Triceps Extensions
Sets: 2 sets
Repetitions:          8 – 12 reps
Weight (kg):         B.B  – 5 Kg

Preacher Curls
Sets: 2 sets (one set each for normal and reverse curls)
Repetitions:          8 – 12 for each set
Weight (Kg):         5Kg for each set
Super-setting with E-Z Bar triceps extensions

E-Z Bar Standing Triceps Extensions
Sets: 3 sets
Repetitions:          8 – 12 reps
Weight (kg):         5 Kg

Hammer Curls (Standing)
Sets: 3 sets
Repetitions:          8 – 10 reps
Weight (kg):         10 Kg
I get better pump when I do dumbbell curls standing.

My calorie intake

2 Bananas
500ml of Water during workout
2 Eggs after workout
2-Egg Omelet in Breakfast
1 glass of Milk

Feeling before the workout: I had some pain last night in my right shoulder and could not sleep. I was determined to train this morning, but only got seven and a half hour sleep.

B.B = Barbell
A.B = Arm Blaster

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