My MotoGP1 lap records

MotoGP 1, is one of my favorite games, and I still play it. I still remember the day my brother bought it, and got really good at it in a couple of days. I took interest in it too. So, we began to play together on LAN regularly, and had a great battle. At first, I could not control the bike and it would ran off the track but then with his guidance, I got hold of it. Today, I believe that I am one of the fastest MotoGP1 rider around.

Below, you can see the list of circuits and my best lap times at ’em.

Track Name Lap time
Suzuka: 1:46:54
Jerez: 1:26:03
Le Mans: 1:19:12
Mugello: 1:33:46
Assen: 1:47:05
Donington Park: 1:19:34
Sachsenring: 1:06:05
Brno: 1:41:40
Valencia: 1:22:11
Phillip Island: 1:19:17
Sheridan: 1:17:40

To compare your lap times with mine, please use the options->Lap records panel. Let’s see if you can beat me or not! So, let’s rock & ride!

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