Earned my first 100 dollars from Odesk

A 100 US dollar bill

Do more with less on Odesk

I joined Odesk back in September 2010; however, I could not clear the Odesk Readiness test then, so I left dishearten. It was a few months ago that I rejoined it, and after some guidance from my friends, I was able to clear the Odesk test. However, getting a job or being hired on Odesk was not easy, and that was expected.

Since, I was not getting any success on Odesk, I thought it would be better if I updated my profile, and that proved to be a kick-starter for me on Odesk. I added a few more projects to my portfolio, updated my area of expertise, reviewed my hourly rate, and researched a bit on Odesk forms on being hired there, and lastly, I added a photo that completed my profile 100% on Odesk.

Odesk offered two types of jobs; fixed-rate and hourly rate. Payment is not guaranteed on fixed-rate jobs, though; I was instructed to prefer fixed rate jobs. However, I looked into the hourly job related topics on Odesk, and learnt how could take the advantage of it.

However, after bidding for almost a month, a finally got my first job of $13 only. I was able to complete the job in a day, and the employer left satisfied. Then to increase my value on Odesk, I cleared a couple of Odesk tests relating to my area of expertise, and Odesk allotted me 20 jobs applications quota, which is enough for me.

Today, I earned my first hundred dollars from Odesk, and I am very happy as all of my employers whom I worked with, left satisfied and gave me a Five-star rating. I have tasted both fixed-rate and hourly rate contracts, and it all seems straightforward now. However, I do not overload myself with this freelance workload, and I keep it to minimum as I have a full-time job already.

I have been building websites in PHP/MySQL for more than 3 years now. When it comes to CMS, I prefer Typo3. My responsibilities have been complete backend development, including database creation, along with frontend template integration. I have worked on CMS/admin panel driven websites throughout my career. Some of my work is this:

The Nation Newspaper Online
German Racing Online
Standard Carpets

If you have a job for me, contact me or Hire me on oDesk . If you are a contractor and seeking freelance work, you could become an Odesk Contractor, and soon you will earn your first $100 bill from Odesk, hopefully. You can Do More with Less on oDesk.

For employers, you can:
–    Find Writers on oDesk
–    Find Facebook Developers on oDesk
–    Find Virtual Assistants on oDesk
–    And you can Hire Me too.

I thank Odesk for providing me the opportunity to utilize my skills and time to earn the extra money!

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