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I have been actively working on oDesk platform for freelancers and employers for about 3 months now, since July. I joined oDesk back in September last year, when one of my colleagues tipped me of it. Back then, my experience of oDesk and the whole concept of freelancing were bad. Although, I’ve been into web-development for almost four years now, but I really didn’t get along with Freelancing with oDesk, until now.

My Success Story

At first, I could not even clear the essential oDesk Readiness Test; I failed thrice, and then left oDesk for almost a year. Then with some more guidance, and with a need of earning a bit more in addition to my regular 9 -5 jobs, I joined back. Then, I got a break through, and oDesk gave me my first 100 dollar earning.

Today, I’ve earned one thousand US dollars with freelancing on oDesk platform for employers, and freelancers. I wouldn’t say it is a big amount, but it is enough for me. Thank you oDesk!

My employers have been very happy with my work, and my rating is 5 out five after 15 contracts. I did both hourly, and fixed-rate jobs, and I am impressed somewhat with myself, how I’ve been able to justify both my regular and freelance jobs.

Hire me on oDesk platform

You can visit my oDesk profile, and see my portfolio and previous oDesk work.

If you are an employer and looking for contractors, you may want to register at oDesk, if you’re not already, and you can also hire me on oDesk, if I fit your job descriptions.

Cover Letter

Expert Web Developer with PHP/MYSQL, TYPO3, with WordPress experience – “Freelance Programmer / Developer, Pakistan” at your service. Over the last 4 years, I have developed a wide range of websites using HMTL, DHTML, PHP, and MySQL including sites for start-up companies and small businesses. My core competency lies in complete back-end and front-end management of a new website development project, and I am seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business.

I have experience in open source CMS’s such Typo3 (very good), CMS Made simple (good), WordPress, and Drupal (beginner level), and MVC framework such as Code Igniter (very good) and Zend Framework.
I have also worked on Google Blogger.

During my web development career, I also have developed skills in the following areas: CSS (div or table based), Slicing (using Adobe Photoshop), Ajax, OOP, and software design and testing.


I have included some of my work here:

–    Sancoa – Club Tasting Chocolate | http://www.sancoa.de
–    German Horse Racing | http://www.german-racing.com
–    Ab-Inbev UK | http://ab-inbev.co.uk
–    The Nation Newspaper Online | http://www.nation.com.pk
–    Top Wood Furnishers – Interior Designers and Decorators | http://www.tw-furnishers.com
–    Speed Attackers – The Counter Strike Clan Pakistan | http://www.speedattackers.com
–    SA Arnold Blog – Speed Attackers | http://arnold.speedattackers.com

You can become one too and have success on oDesk

As an employer, if you’re not already register,
become an oDesk employer and you can hire me on oDesk, if I fit your job descriptions.

You can visit my oDesk profile, and see my portfolio and previous oDesk work. You can also use oDesk banners on my website to register as an oDesk contractor or an employer.
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If you like to get a website like mine, contact me.

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